Shipping And Delivery


Dissimilar to numerous other sites that have exceptional administers and loads of fine print, has a straightforward and clear sending strategy for all requests put on our site, without any uncommon exemptions.

Simply on the grounds that transporting is free doesn't mean it ought to take quite a while. Best On DTH comprehends that getting your things rapidly is essential to you, so we endeavour to process your request rapidly.

We are focused on conveying your request precisely, in great condition, and constantly on time guaranteed by us in our site.
We offer FREE Shipping on new DTH association requested through Best On DTH:-

1. Each one order may be sent just to a solitary end location determined at the time of payment for that order. On the off chance that you wish to ship items to distinctive locations, you might need to put in various orders.

2. We attempt our earnest attempts to ship everything in your request inside 36 working hours from the ordering time. However in some DTH products, we may take longer, up to 7 working days, to ship the order as we may need to secure it from some different stores or our suppliers.

3. We deliver on all week days (Monday to Saturday), barring open occasions.

4. To guarantee that your request achieves you in the quickest time and in Good condition, we just ship through courier agencies & DTH administrator franchisee.

5. On the off chance that you accept that the item is not in great condition, or if the bundling is messed with or harmed, before tolerating conveyance of the merchandise, please decline to take conveyance of the package, and Email at or DTH administrator client help email, saying your request reference number. We should attempt our earnest attempts to guarantee that a substitution conveyance is made to you at the most punctual.

6. Please note all items (counting gift vouchers or Offers) will be dispatched with a receipt saying the cost, according to Indian Tax Regulations.